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13 yr old female Shiba Inu, no dogs, no small children – $50 adoption fee

Saki has been surrendered by the only family she’s ever known because she was unhappy living in an environment with a toddler, and another dog that commands all the attention and did not respect her space!  … Read the rest

Sumo & Senji

Sumo, 12 yr & Senji, 10 yr old bonded pair of male Shiba Inus

Sumo and Senji are a bonded pair of senior males that have been together their entire lives. Despite having them since they were pups, their owner has made the decision to rehome them.… Read the rest


1 yr old male Shiba Inu

Samurai (aka “Sami”) was relinquished to a local shelter by his family for reasons that are unclear. We suspect this adorable boy hasn’t had the guidance or attention that an immature Shiba needs. He is a sweet friendly Shiba, who just wants to be with people who love and understand the Shibaness.… Read the rest


4 year old female Shiba, no kids, $275 adoption fee

Magpie is a gorgeous sesame girl with lots of energy. She is sweet, outgoing, and likes to be the center of attention! Magpie has a bite history, and therefore we will be choosing her forever home very carefully.… Read the rest

Daisy Mae

Approx. 12-14 year old female Shiba Inu

Daisy Mae was found stray and taken to a shelter.  Her age is estimated at around 12-14 years old. She is a sweet old girl who loves people and is good with other dogs and cats.… Read the rest


10 yr old female Shiba Inu

Jenna is a sweet 10 yr old girl surrendered after years as a breeding dog. Jenna has a history of mammory cysts, and after many litters, is at a higher risk for breast cancer. The biopsy showed some malignant cells, but they have not matastasized.… Read the rest


2 yr old female Shiba, no dogs, no kids, $400 adoption fee

Lily is very petite and sweet, lovebug of a girl. She’s energetic, curious, and just wants to be with her person. She is back in rescue due to her growing reactivity to other dogs outside the home.
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Nezumi **ADOPTED**

7 yr old female Shiba, no small children, no apts/condos, needs another dog

This precious little girl is Nezumi, but we call her “Zumi”. Nezumi means mouse in Japanese, so we thought it an appropriate name for such a tiny little thing.  … Read the rest

Nara **ADOPTED**

9 yr old female Shiba Inu

Nara is a gorgeous cream Shiba who does not look her age.  She is a very sweet girl who loves to be with her people and will follow them around the house. She would love a home with people that are home a lot.  … Read the rest

Rusty **ADOPTED**

7 yr old male Shiba

Rusty had spent his entire life with one owner.  He’s always been loved, well cared for, and a happy boy. His dad decided that it was in his best interest not to put him through an international move with him.… Read the rest