Colorado Shiba Inu Rescue Blog

Sarge & Lucy

Sarge – 9 yr male (red)  Lucy – 3 yr female (cream)

Sarge & Lucy’s parents decided they needed a new home where they can get the time, attention, and exercise they deserve. They have been together for Lucy’s lifetime, and need to stay together in their new home.… Read the rest


9 yr. old female Shiba Inu, no kids

Ali became very anxious when a new baby came into the home. This only got worse when the second baby came, so her family made the difficult decision to surrender her. She is a very sweet lovable little girl who just needs a child-free home!… Read the rest


9 yr old female Shiba Inu

Yuuki needed a new home because her human’s work and travel schedule became so demanding, she could no longer give Yuuki the life she deserves. Yuuki is a very sweet, pretty, well behaved girl who is a stereotypical Shiba.… Read the rest


11 month old female Shiba Inu, no dogs, no kids, no apts/condos $350 adoption fee

Lyra is such a pretty girl, and full of personality! Unlike most Shibas her age, she has a calm demeanor when inside the house. When she is outdoors, however, she is transformed into an excitable, vibrant puppy with a lust for life!… Read the rest


10 month old male Shiba Inu, no small children, $400 adoption fee

This adorable boy is looking for his forever home. Kuma is a very sweet, sociable, and playful pup who will mature into a great Shiba!  Kuma needs an active person that will exercise him outside the home at least once a day.… Read the rest


4 yr old female Shiba

Leia was surrendered to COSIR because she not getting along with the other dog in her home. This was not Leia’s first home, and much of her history is unknown, but we know she suffered a broken leg at some point and has a metal plate.… Read the rest


6 yr old male Shiba Inu

Zeke is a sweet handsome boy who loves to play fetch in the backyard and going for walks and adventures. He has been removed from his home because he was not getting along with the other dogs, and his resource guarding of food and toys was an issue.… Read the rest


13 yr old female Shiba Inu, no dogs, no small children – $50 adoption fee

Saki has been surrendered by the only family she’s ever known because she was unhappy living in an environment with a toddler, and another dog that commands all the attention and did not respect her space!  … Read the rest

Daisy Mae

Approx. 12-14 yr female Shiba, no apt/condos, no stairs -$50 adoption fee 

Daisy Mae was found stray and taken to a shelter.  Her age is estimated between 12-14 years old. She is a sweet, joyful girl who loves people and is good with other dogs and cats.… Read the rest


Sumo – 12 yr & Senji – 10 yr, bonded pair, male Shibas – no small children, no stairs -adoption fee $125

Sumo and Senji are bonded pair and must be adopted together. Both are very sweet and well behaved! Senji is a little more reserved and skittish. Read the rest