Colorado Shiba Inu Rescue Blog

Sakura **ADOPTED**

6 yr old female Shiba, no small kids, no dogs, $275 adoption fee

Sakura is originally from Japan. In Japan, she lived in two different homes, both with children that were abusive to her.  Understandably, she does not like kids! She was rescued by an American stationed in Japan, and eventually brought here to Colorado.  … Read the rest

Meet a Shiba Event

Meet a Shiba Event, hosted by COSIR & Chuck and Don’s Pet Food Outlet
Saturday, July 14th
Chuck & Don’s Pet Food Outlet
6380 S. Parker Rd. Ste 107
Aurora, CO. 80016

Think you want a Shiba? They are super cute and foxy, but they are unlike any dog you’ve known and can be quite challenging.… Read the rest

Belle **ADOPTED**

6 yr old female Shiba/German Shepherd mix **FOSTER TO ADOPT**NOT TAKING APPLICATIONS**

This pretty girl is Belle.  She has the face of a Shiba but the body of a German Shepherd, with a half curl of the tail.  Her personality is 100% Shiba and as big as her stature!  … Read the rest

Angel **ADOPTED**

**COURTESY POST**  Dog is not in rescue’s custody. Any qualified applicants will be put in direct contact with the owner.

8 month old female, possible Lab/Akita or Shiba mix

Angel is a sweet, super smart girl who loves people. She is about 50 lbs and the vet estimates her age at about 8 months.… Read the rest


**COURTESY POST**  Dog is not in rescue’s custody. Qualified applications will be passed on to the owner.

9 yr. old female Sheltie/Shiba mix, no small dogs

This pretty lady is Zoey. Her family believes she is a Sheltie/Shiba mix.  She is 9 years old and approximately 30 lbs.… Read the rest

Dusty **ADOPTED**

5 yr. old male Shiba Inu, no cats, no small children, no apartments/condos, $275 adoption fee

Dusty’s owner got him when he was just a pup.  Unfortunately, about six months ago, he suddenly passed away.  His wife kept Dusty until she had to make a move out of state, and couldn’t take him with her.… Read the rest

Bear (Toki) **ADOPTED**

3 yr old male Shiba, not accepting apps/foster to adopt

Bear is a handsome and regal boy, with a commanding and bold presence, weighing in at close to 35 lbs!  He’s a sweetie, but a bit more fearful of strangers than most Shibas and takes a while to trust.  … Read the rest

Mika **ADOPTED**

1 yr old female Shiba Inu, ineligible for out-of-state adoption, $350 adoption fee

Mika is the sweetest, cutest little thing you’ve ever met!  She’s been rescued from an abusive and neglectful home, but is surprisingly trustful of humans, and starved for their attention!  … Read the rest

Kito (now Hiroki) **ADOPTED**

8 yr old male Shiba

Kito is a sweet energetic boy who loves attention.  He was surrendered by the only family he’s ever known because he was not getting along with the new male dog in the home.  Both dogs were not neutered, so it’s no surprise they were not getting along.  … Read the rest