3 yr old male Shiba, not accepting apps/foster to adopt

Bear is a handsome and regal boy, with a commanding and bold presence, weighing in at close to 35 lbs!  He’s a sweetie, but a bit more fearful of strangers than most Shibas and takes a while to trust.  He’s not a fan of other male dogs and has been living, and repeatedly fighting with, one for too long.  Although he got along great with the larger female dogs there, the constant battles were stressful and traumatic for all the dogs. He has been placed in a foster home where he is the only dog.  He is building trust with his new mom and dad, who absolutely adore him!  He has a new and improved name, Tiko Bear, to go with his new and improved life!  He’s loving his new routine of daily walks and loves riding in the car. He’s enjoying following his humans around the house and is training them to play tug o war with him.  We’ve gotten him up to date on vaccines and a clean bill of health at the vet.  Now he can just relax and enjoy being a spoiled, only Shiba while his parents count the days til the adoption trial ends 😉