Category: Coming Soon

These are dogs that are either currently in rescue but not quiet ready for adoption, or dogs that are on our waitlist and we will bring into rescue as soon as we find the right foster, or foster-to-adopt, home.


1 yr old male Shiba Inu

Ryu is a puppy mill survivor. Just like his brother Koa (also on our “Coming Soon” page), he has spent his entire 1st year of life in a cage, so he no idea what it is to be a “normal” dog.… Read the rest


1 yr old male Shiba Inu

Koa is a puppy mill survivor who has been rescued along with his brother Ryu (also on our Coming Soon page). Although just 1 yr old, he has spent his entire life in a puppy mill, so he does not know what it means to be a pet, live in a home, and have a relationship with humans.… Read the rest