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10 yr old female Shiba, $75 adoption fee

Poor little Lexi is in rescue looking for a forever home once again. COSIR adopted her to a wonderful young woman 4 years ago who sadly, passed away after a battle with cancer recently.… Read the rest

Leon **ADOPTED**

6 yr old male Shiba

**FOSTER PLANS TO ADOPT HIM** Not taking applications for Leon**

Leon is a handsome boy and quite the charmer. Although his family loved him dearly, his habitual bolting and escaping forced them to surrender him to rescue, as they could not keep him safe.… Read the rest

Cael (renamed Koji) **ADOPTED**

7 yr old male Shiba

**The foster will adopt Cael after a trail period. We are NOT taking applications specifically for Cael**

Cael is a handsome, smart, curious, and stoic boy. He’s a typical Shiba and takes a little time to warm up to new people.… Read the rest

Yoshi **ADOPTED**

2 yr old male Shiba


Yoshi was in need of a new home due to circumstances outside of his owner’s control.  He is a sweet boy with lots of energy and friendly with everyone.  … Read the rest

Arie **ADOPTED**

6 yr old female Shiba

Arie is in rescue because she was not getting along with the new puppy in her home. Arie is about the sweetest thing you’ve ever met and is a pretty mellow girl.  She is good with most dogs, but is a Shiba, so doesn’t like “in your face” dogs and would rather skip the dog park.  … Read the rest


10 month old female Shiba, no cats, no apts/condos, $400 adoption fee

KoKo is as cute as they come, super sweet and a total goofball who will make you laugh every day! She is still very much a puppy, so she can be a handful.  
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Monki **ADOPTED**

7 yr old female Shiba, no apts/condos, $175 adoption fee

This adorable girl is Monki. Her name was Shiba, but we changed it to Monki (monkey in Japanese), because she’s a chunky monkey for sure Her owner took her to his vet asking that she be put down becuase he could no longer care for her.… Read the rest


3 yr old female Basenji mix, no small children, needs another dog in home, $350 adoption fee

Ebi was rescued from a shelter.  She had been found stray, so we don’t really know anything about her. We think she is really a Besenji mix of some kind, not a Shiba.  … Read the rest


3 yr old female Shiba, no kids, must have yard and another dog in home, $350 adoption fee

This precious girl is Sky. She is a very shy, fearful girl who needs just the right home. She is good with other dogs, and will need at least one other well socialized, confident dog in the home to make her feel comfortable.… Read the rest

Lily **ADOPTED**

1 yr old female Shiba, no apts/condos, no kids, $400 adoption fee

Lily is very petite and sweet, lovebug of a girl. She’s energetic, curious, and just wants to be with her person. She had to be removed from her home due to aggression towards a smaller, non-Shiba, female dog.  
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