Elroy (now Komori) **ADOPTED**

10 yr. old male Shiba/Husky mix, no apts/condos, no dogs, no cats – $50 adoption fee

Elroy is a very handsome combination of Shiba and Husky. At about 52 lbs, he is quite a bit larger than your average Shiba, but only slightly smaller than most male Huskies. Elroy is such a good and sweet boy.  He has the energy of a puppy when he’s ready for his walks or wants to play tug-o-war or fetch in the yard, but otherwise so mellow and down for a cuddle and a nap with his favorite human! He loves going places with his human and is great in the car.

Due to a lack of socialization as a young dog, Elroy does not do well with other dogs and needs to be the only dog in the home. He is perfectly fine passing other dogs on walks, but will never be able to greet them or go to a dog park dog. He has as very strong prey drive and looks at cats like they are LUNCH!  He is a joy to walk with, keeps a great pace, and is so stunning, people constantly remark about how good looking he is!  He has a commanding presence that would make any female walking alone feel very safe a secure!  Elroy loves meeting people and has lived successfully with children ages 10 and up.

Elroy has pretty severe separation anxiety and needs to live in a home where people are home more than average. He does not do well when confined, so would need to live in a home where crating or being confined to room is not necessary. He has always lived in a home with a yard to roam and play in and like most Huskies, he can be quite vocal when anxious, so an apartment or condo may not be the best place for him.

Elroy is house trained, leash trained, and knows basic commands.

Elroy’s adoption fee is $50 and includes his neuter, vaccinations, heartworm prevention, microchip, and bloodwork. He is currently on medication (about $10/mo) for his anxiety and may need to be on it for life.