5 yr old female Shiba

Foxy was taken to the Denver Dumb Friends League when her owner had to go into hospice care.  Totally devastated by loosing her person and terrified in the shelter environment, she was completely shut down, so they called COSIR.  We picked her up the next day and placed her in a foster home.  Shiba’s are very sensitive to changes in their environment, but this little girl seems to be a bit more fearful that the average Shiba and is going to need extra time, love, and attention while adapting to her new home.

She is house trained, and is doing well with the other dogs in the house.  After a few days of hiding, she is starting to come out and engage with the family and dogs.  She is even accepting belly rubs! We want to give her plenty of time to get comfortable and let her true personality come out so we can accurately assess her before putting her up for adoption.  Stay tuned!