Hanae **ADOPTED**

4 year old fearful female, no apts/condos, no small children, needs another dog, $175 adoption fee

Hanae spent the first year of her life in a puppy mill and as a result, is extremely shy and fearful.  She needs a lot of extra time and patience to develop trust with humans.  Once she is comfortable, Hanae is very affectionate, sweet, and playful at times.  She needs at least one other young, confident, and well-socialized pup in her forever home to show her the ropes and help her feel safe.  Hanae is just a little girl and prefers dogs closer to her size who respect her space and are not overly rambunctious.  Once she trusts and is comfortable with other dogs in the home, she can be playful.  She is good with cats.

Like most mill survivors, Hanae is not naturally comfortable inside a home and is most comfortable outdoors in the yard. She needs a home with a securely fenced-in yard to spend most of her time until she gets comfortable inside the house.  She loves her crate and must have one in her forever home so she has a “safe” place to be while indoors.  She is potty trained, very well behaved, and just an easy dog to live with.  She needs loving, patient adopters who will allow her to get comfortable at her own pace.  She is most likely to bond with her new family if they spend a lot of time outside in the yard where she is comfortable and can observe them at a safe distance.  Her favorite game is playing with the hose while your watering your garden.

Hanae is good on leash and loves her walks.  Walks help her to bond with her humans, build confidence, and desensitize her to the outside world.  Her forever family will need to understand that new people/places/things/sounds will likely always be frightening for Hanae and be willing to slowly work with her to make the world a little less scary.  She needs a home that is calm and quiet.  She feels safer with women than men, so an all-male home is not a good fit for her.  Small children and/or multiple children would be too overwhelming for her.

Unfortunately, Hanae came to rescue with luxating patella in both knees.  We have had one knee repaired surgically and she’s doing fine.  It does not stop her from being active; she goes on two walks a day.  Daily walks help her to keep loose, strong, and pain free, but she will never be a dog that can go running or on really long hikes.  Although she lives an active life that seems to be unaffected by her issues a the moment, there is always a chance that she will need further surgery in the future (either on the same knee or the other side).  Hanae takes a daily glucosamine supplement for her joints and should continue this supplement after her adoption.

Hanae’s adoption fee is $175 and includes her spay, de-worming, vaccinations, heartworm test, knee surgery, microchip, and an initial professional training class or private session designed for shy/fearful dogs.

**Please note: Hanae does not do very well in the car and as one of our most shy/fearful dogs, therefore, an out-of-state adoption probably would not be in her best interest**