James **ADOPTED**

2 yr old male Shiba mix, no small dogs, no cats, no children

James was beaten, and left for dead on the streets of Nepal. He was rescued by Inside Out Humanitourism Adventures and transported to the US. COSIR is partnering with this organization to help find this special boy a home. This is a courtesy post on their behalf. All inquiries should go directly to them at: info@theinsideandout.com

This sweet, happy boy is about 30 lbs. and we think he might be a Shiba mix, but definitely in the Spitz family of dogs.  James loves everyone he meets and is amazingly trusting of humans, despite his history of abuse and abandonment.  He loves to snuggle, is smart, easy to train, and eager to learn and please. James is very affectionate and playful. He loves to go on walks and is housetrained.

James can be reactive to some dogs on and off leash, but okay with others. He needs someone who is experienced with dog aggression/reactivity, is patient, committed to training, and can provide an environment where he can feel safe and gain confidence.  We have trainers who can help his new family work on this.

With a history of abandonment, he suffers from separation anxiety and does not like to be left alone for long periods of time.  He needs a home where someone is home much of the day, or can take him to work. He is crate trained and is okay for up to a couple hours at a time in the crate.  He rides well in the car and will happily tag along and patiently for you in the car for short errands (weather permitting).

James needs a stable home with a calm environment, and no children.  An active home is best, as exercise and stimulation will help his anxiety.  Ideally he would be an only dog, however, with an experienced adopter he could possibly live with one (or two max) very well socialized confident dogs who can show him the ropes.  The other dogs should not be smaller dogs.

This special boy deserves the loving home he has been denied all of his life. James is in a temporary foster in the Denver/Boulder area, but needs a forever or long-term foster immediately!  Placement outside Colorado is possible as long as we are able to properly screen applicants for his special emotional needs.

WARNING – Below are graphic photos of James upon rescue in Nepal