Khera **ADOPTED**

9 yr. old female Shiba, no apts/condos, needs another dog, $175 adoption fee

Khera was sadly surrendered by the only family she’s ever known. Her vet history is consistent from birth, indicating she has always been well cared for. Although maybe a bit over-loved, and under-exercised, given that she weighs in at 37lbs! She will need a family committed to getting her the exercise she needs, a high quality kibble and no table scraps! She’s a very healthy girl, but has a touch of arthritis and luxating patella, which could effect her mobility as she ages. Loosing the extra pounds, keeping her active, and building her muscle mass will all help!
Khera is housebroken, good on leash, and knows basic commands. She is not crate trained, but is very well behaved so there is no real need for crating. She gets along with other dogs and will initiate play, but is gentle. She reportedly gets along with cats, and children of all ages, but this has not been assessed since coming into rescue. She can be a bit hand shy, even with people she knows, so young children may be too much for her. She is a bit timid around strangers, but loves to be with her family, and would do best in a quieter home where they are home quite a bit. She does show signs of separation anxiety when her people are gone for too long or too often, however this could subsided as she gets over the trauma of loosing her family and gets more confident in her new home.
Like most Shiba’s she is very alert/aware of what is going on outside and enjoys watching the world pass by from a comfortable location, mainly, the couch. She enjoys riding in the car, and will happily join you for adventures to places that are not crowded, loud, busy. She gets excited with the prospect of a walk, but is so easily spooked by traffic, strangers, and activity in the neighborhood that she has yet to make it around the block at her foster home in a quiet suburban neighborhood!  For this reason, she would not do well in an apartment/condo where she must go for walks to go potty.  She needs a home with a big back yard and a family that will toss the ball around for her, and another playful dog, to get the exercise she needs. The yard will need to be securely fenced.
Khera is a sweet, gentle personality. She’s a happy, well adjusted, well socialized dog. Her adoption fee is $175 and includes her spay, vaccinations, heartworm test, and microchip.