Mocha & Carmel **ADOPTED**

10 year old female & male Shibas, bonded pair must be adopted together

Mocha (female) and Carmel (male) are both 10 years old.  They are litter mates and have been together their entire lives.  They are a bonded pair that MUST be adopted together.  They have been placed in a foster home and are currently being assessed.   They are house trained and crate trained.  They are good with other dogs and cats.  They are good with kids as well.  They are quite sweet and affectionate for Shibas, and like to curl up with their person.  Like so many Shibas, they have been known to bolt out of an open door or gate.  They have not had any formal training, but seem to know some basic commands.

This adorable pair has been placed in a foster home that has fostered, and “foster failed”, with COSIR for many years.  We believe this home would be a perfect forever home for them, and once the assessment period is over, it is highly likely that they will adopt them.  Should the fosters decide they are not the right fit for their home, we will make them available for adoption, so stay tuned!