4 year old male Shiba

Poor poor Nori.  He has had a pretty crappy life so far.  He spent his first couple years in a puppy mill.  The breeder released him to a family in Texas, who left him chained up outside 24/7, ignored him, and never took him to a vet.  In January, he was taken in by a family in Colorado, where he was treated like a family pet for the first time ever, but again, not seen by a vet.  The family was forced, by their landlord, to surrender him after Nori bit a neighbor child.  The child was young and hadn’t been taught to NEVER approach and grab a dog’s face so aggressively.  It wasn’t Nori’s fault, and the little girl is fine.  Thankfully, the family called COSIR, vs. dumping him at a shelter, where he surely would have been put down.

He has been placed in a COSIR foster home. This is where Nori’s story should get better, but sadly, it doesn’t.  We immediately took him to the vet for a wellness exam, vaccinations, and heartworm test, as we do with all our dogs.  Unfortunately, he tested positive for heartworm, which means certain death if untreated.  For the next 9 months, Nori will endure treatment with a multitude of medications and painful injections.  He will be on strict bed rest the entire time.  No running, no jumping, no playing or rough housing with his foster brothers & sister.  All the things that this poor dog who has spent his entire life caged or chained up deserves to do!  We hate that he has to go through this, but it’s the only way he will live to FINALLY find the loving forever home he deserves.  Please keep Nori in your thoughts and prayers.  His treatment will be expensive, so donations in his name are welcome too.  Stay tuned to our Facebook page for updates.