Nori **ADOPTED**

4 year old male Shiba, no small children, $275 adoption fee

Poor Nori has had a pretty crappy life so far.  He spent his first couple years in a puppy mill, lived with a family that kept him chained up outside for a year +, and was finally taken in by a good  family who, sadly, was forced to surrender him after Nori bit a neighbor child who aggressively grabbed his face.  It wasn’t Nori’s fault, and the little girl was fine.  Thankfully, the family called COSIR and we took him in. We immediately discovered that he had heartworm, so he has spent the last 7 months undergoing painful treatment, but is now heartworm free and ready for adoption!

Nori is a super friendly and outgoing Shiba who loves attention.  He loves meeting new people inside out outside his home. He is particular about how he is handled, and therefore, should not live with small children.  Like most Shibas, he’s hit or miss when meeting other dogs, but is playful with dogs once they are friends.  He would be fine as the only dog in the house, or living with another dog that doesn’t mind Nori being in charge and the center of attention 😉  He has a slight tendency to guard food/toys, so he would not do well in a home with a dog that is also a resource guarder.  He has reportedly lived with cats before, but we have not tested that since in rescue.

Nori has lots of energy and lives for his walks!  He is good on leash, house trained, and knows basic commands.  He has severe anxiety when crated or confined to small areas, so needs to live in a home where it’s not required.  He can be a bit vocal when he wants something, like dinner, and likes to show the neighborhood squirrels and bunnies who’s boss by barking at them!  Nori is quite agile and a bit of a jumper, so would need a 6ft fence to contain him in a yard.

During the course of Nori’s heartworm treatment, the vets discovered a heart murmur and some broken teeth.  An echocardiogram confirmed he has very minor Chronic Valvular Degeneration, and does not require any medication or treatment.  Most dogs with this condition go on to live long, happy, normal lives, but of course, annual check ups are required. Nori is scheduled to have his broken teeth extracted on Dec. 5th and will recover with his foster family, but is ready for a new forever home as soon as he’s healed!

Nori’s adoption fee is $275 and includes his neuter, vaccinations, heartworm treatment/prevention, dental surgery, microchip, and an initial training session with an approved trainer.

If you would like to contribute to his dental surgery, please Click the “Donate” button below.