Pet Adoption Fair @ Old Pearl St. Farmer’s Market-Sept. 10th 9am-1pm

COSIR will be at the Pet Adoption Fair at the Old Pearl St. Farmer’s Market on Sunday, Sept. 10th from 9am-1pm. Our booth is typically located on Pearl St near Florida Ave. Please come by to say hello, learn more about Shiba Inus, and possibly meet a dog. Shibas typically don’t like crowded events like these, so we can’t  promise all of our available dogs will be there, or how long the ones that do come will stay. Please check with us first if you’re hoping to meet a specific dog. We are hoping to raise funds at this event for some of our dogs in rescue with serious medical needs, like Nori, Rex, and Ruca. We will have a few items for sale, but will also accept donations by cash/check. Hope to see you there!