Poncho & Ruca

8 yr old male and female bonded pair

Poncho (black & tan) and Ruca (sesame) have been together their entire lives.  They were born a month apart and have an incredible bond that does not allow them to be separated.  Although not blood related, they are truly brother and sister.  Ruca is very protective of her big brother and they are so sweet and affectionate with each other.

Poncho is very sweet, but is a bit cautious when meeting new people.  He loves to play fetch, go on walks, and explore.  He is a healthy and happy boy who loves affection once he gets to know you.

Ruca loves everyone she meets.  She is a happy, energetic girl who loves walks and adventures.  She has a luxating patella in both knees, but it doesn’t slow her down and she is maintaining a good quality of life with joint supplements.  Unfortunately, that is not her biggest problem.  Ruca came into rescue supposedly just recovered from a broken front leg.  However, x-rays show that her fractures have not healed and she will need surgery to repair it and ensure she does not suffer any further breaks.  COSIR is consulting with the orthopedic team at CSU to determine the best course of action.

Poncho and Ruca are lucky enough to have been placed in a loving foster home where they can be together.  This family is already in love with them and will be adopting them as soon as we get Ruca through her surgery of and we are sure she is okay.  Stay tuned for updates!