7 year old male Shiba, $50 adoption fee

Rex is just about the happiest boy you’ve ever met.  He’s a very handsome boy too.  He has that rare, but beautiful cream color, with deeper than usual red undertones.  He loves meeting new people and always greets everyone with a wag of his curly tail, and a smile on his face.  His good attitude speaks volumes about this dog’s spirit, because he has been through a lot.  He was found stray in 2011 and adopted shortly after.  He is now in need of a home again, after both his mom and dad passed away.

Rex was clearly an over loved Shiba, weighing in at 50 lbs when he first came into rescue.  Unfortunately, love in the form of table scraps lead to extra pounds, and in Rex’s case, diabetes.  Rex requires daily insulin injections to keep his diabetes under control.  Rex also has hypothyroidism, and needs daily medication to control it.  An unfortunate side effect of his hypothyroidism is KCS, or “dry eye’, so he also needs eye drops on a regular basis.  As if that weren’t enough, he also suffers from Chronic Kidney Disease, which means that he can only eat prescription dog food.

While Rex has “special needs”, he is by no means an “sick” dog.  He is as energetic and playful as any young Shiba. With the proper commitment to his medical regimen, Rex has a normal, long, healthy, and active life ahead of him.  His foster mom has done a fantastic job getting the extra weight off of him with an active lifestyle including daily walks, hiking, and romps in the dog park.  He has lost more than 10 lbs already and continues to loose weight.

Rex is house trained, crate trained, walks well on leash, and gets along with both dogs and cats.  He has had limited exposure to children, but has done well with them.

Rex’s adoption fee is $50 and includes Rex’s neuter, vaccinations, HW test, and microchip.

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