Sheba (now Kauai) **ADOPTED**

1 y/o female, still being assessed

Sheba is a pretty little girl who is quite shy around people at first, but affectionate once she gets to know and trust you.  She is good with other dogs, but wants to be in charge and get all the attention from the humans. She likes to follow her person around everywhere and won’t let you out of her sight.  She is fearful of strangers coming into her home and will bark at them.  She is good on leash and loves her walks.  She is potty trained, but not crate trained.  She has not been taught any basic commands, but is treat motivated and very smart.

We have just had Sheba spayed and she is recovering nicely.  She has been placed in a home carefully selected from our waiting list to foster her while she is being assessed.  This home was chosen because we think they would ultimately be the best forever home for her, and we hope they will adopt her.  If the foster decides not to adopt her after the assessment period, she will be made available for adoption.  Stay tuned!