Sophie **ADOPTED**

10 month old female Shiba, no cats, $400 adoption fee

Sophie is a sweet, friendly, and energetic little girl.  Her somewhat rare Sesame coloring makes her a real beauty!  She has not had any formal training, but she knows some basic commands.  She is crate trained and is comfortable and quiet in her crate.  She is leash trained, but her excitement and high energy means she is a bit of a puller.  She gets along well with other dogs and just wants to play play play!!!  She has shown some possessiveness of highly regarded ra-hide treats, so will need supervision with them around other dogs and probably should not live with dogs that are resource guarders.  She is a little too excited by cats, and likes to terrorize them, so a home with not cats would be best.  She enjoys meeting new people, but she has not had any real experience with children and is extremely cautious around them.

Unfortunately she was taught to use pee-pads and fake grass mats, so her fosters are working on house training and she is making progress.  Her new forever home will need to be diligent and continue this training.

Sophie is at a very challenging stage in her development; the defiant teenage stage, so she is going to need a patient family and training right away.  This is the age where most first-time Shiba owners, cry “uncle” and surrender their dogs.  She will be a challenge and would do best with a family who has raised a Shiba puppy before.

Sophie’s adoption fee is $400 and includes her spay, vaccinations, heartworm test & initial prevention supply, microchip, and a basic training class with a rescue approved trainer.

Sophie IMG_6177 Screen Shot 2017-03-27 at 4.41.11 PM