Yuki **ADOPTED**

7 month old female Shiba

Yuki was found stray and taken to a local vet’s office.  After an unsuccessful effort to find her owners, they called COSIR desperate for help.  Yuki is a sweet, energetic, excitable puppy who loves attention and just wants to play play play!  She quickly became a favorite at the vets office and they started calling her “Twister” because her favorite game is running in circles, chasing her own tail.  It’s clear she was neglected, and received no training or socialization.  She is quite a handful, and needs a family who knows what it means to raise a crazy Shiba puppy! We had the vet spay and vaccinate her and immediately started looking for the right foster home.  Fortunately, just the perfect home was on our adoption waiting list.  They were thrilled to get the call, and ready to take on this silly, squirmy baby girl.  She is now recovering comfortably and getting to know her new family, including a 3 year old Shiba brother.  We have placed her in this foster home with the hope that they will adopt her after a trial period.  In the unlikely event that they decide not to adopt her, she will be available for adoption.  Stay tuned!