Yuuhi **ADOPTED**

4 y/o male Shiba, no dogs, no cats, no apartments/condos, no small children $275 adoption fee

Yuuhi is sweet cuddly goofball who loves belly rubs and long neck scratching sessions.  He’s a real charmer and loves meeting new people, and particularly likes females. He is fine with older children, but does not do well with small children.  Yuuhi is fine meeting and interacting with other dogs out on his walks, and playing in the park, but does not have a good track record with other dogs in his home, so should be the only dog in the house.  The true Shiba in him loves to torment cats, so he needs a cat-free home too.

Yuuhi is house trained, walks well on leash, knows basic commands, and “spin” is his best trick!  He has a big personality and can be a bit mischievous, but it’s part of his charm.  Yuuhi is a very energetic boy who loves to play, go on walks to the park, or hiking adventures.  He wants to go everywhere with you!  He is a dog that absolutely needs outdoor space and a yard of his own, but his yard must have a secure 6ft fence, as he’s a bit of an escape artist.

Yuuhi is a dog that gets anxious when he is confined to a crate, or is deprived of outside time for too long.  He would do best in a home where crating isn’t necessary and the people are home more than average so he gets plenty of outside time.  When inside, Yuuhi loves to perch near a door or window where he can watch the world go by.  Like many Shibas, he will bolt out of an open door given the opportunity, so he needs adopters willing to take steps to prevent escapes out the front or garage doors.

Yuuhi’s adoption fee is $275 and includes his neuter, vaccinations, heartworm test, microchip, dental cleaning, and an initial training class or private session with an approved trainer.


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