Surrender Process


We are happy to announce that COSIR is ready to begin taking in dogs again. Initially we will focus on dogs in shelters and urgent cases, but will open it up to all Shibas in need soon. If you are already on our Intake Waitlist, we will contact you when we are ready to take your dog. New requests will be added to the waitlist, and we will get to them as quickly as possible. To have your dog added to our waitlist, and for our recommendations to other resources available to you, go to our Surrender home page.

Our Surrender Process:

If you are considering surrendering your Shiba, there are a few important things you should know about our surrender process:

We do not have a shelter, therefore, we must have an appropriate foster home available BEFORE we can take your dog into rescue.  Finding the appropriate foster home takes time.  Please do not expect to surrender your dog the same day you contact us.  The sooner you contact us, the better.

You will need to fill out a surrender profile so we can determine which foster home is the best environment for your dog.  The more honest information you provide about your dog, the better. Leaving out behavioral or health issues will only make it harder for us, and the dog.  Shiba’s are extremely loyal and sensitive to environmental changes.  The transition will be traumatic for them, however, we can limit their stress by placing them in the right foster home from the start based on the information you provide.

Typically we have a waiting list.  For example, in 2017 we have had a constant waiting list since February with anywhere from 4-8 dogs on it at any given time.  We have not seen any signs of it slowing down yet, so please contact us as early as possible about surrendering your Shiba.  The dogs on the wait list are prioritized based on the urgency of their situation.  Taking in Shibas on a shelter’s “death row”, or deemed unadoptable by a shelter, are always our first priority.   We ask that you keep the dog safe in your home vs. dropping them at a shelter while you wait.  Shiba’s typically do not do well in shelters, so if your situation is urgent and you are considering taking them to a shelter, please contact us first!

You must be willing to relinquish legal ownership of your dog to the rescue, and provide us with all their records.  Upon surrender, we will ask you to sign a Transfer of Ownership Contract giving all rights and ownership of the dog to the rescue.  We also ask that you provide us with copies of all of their records, including any paperwork from the breeder/pet store, and all of their veterinary records.  Donating their crate, bed, toys, etc. is always encouraged and appreciated.  If you are not willing to relinquish ownership of your dog, but still want to re-home them, let us know, we have advice and resources to help you.  We do not recommend or condone the selling of Shibas (especially if they are not spayed/neutered) on Craigslist, Facebook, etc.  This is risky and potentially very dangerous for the dog, as they could end up in a puppy mill or the wrong hands.

Your dog will live with a foster family for about a month before they are eligible for adoption.  It is important that we assess the dog’s personality first-hand to determine the best possible forever home.  It typically take as Shiba at least a month in a new home before their true personality comes out.  It is not unusual to see a complete change in a dog’s personality and behaviors when placed in a new environment.   By witnessing this transformation, our foster help us determine the best forever home, and predict how they will adjust to a new home.

We only do “closed adoptions”.  This means that we keep the identity of the adopter private and do not share their contact information with the previous owner.  If you would like to know how your dog is doing in their new home, you are always welcome to contact COSIR for an update.  We are happy to share!

Please contact us, even if you are not sure you are ready to surrender your dog.  Our volunteers are all highly experienced Shiba owners with a ton of breed knowledge and expertise to share. We can offer you counseling and support that may help you keep your Shiba, if that’s what you want.  Shibas are an extremely loyal breed.  Barring any threats to the dog’s, family members’, or other pets’ safety and well being, we’d love to help you resolve any issues so the dog can continue to live with you.  We can also offer referrals to our network of trainers and behaviorists throughout the Denver metro area and Front Range.