Additional Resources

If you are experiencing issues with your Shiba and are not sure if you need to re-home them, but would like help:

  • Seek professional training with a positive reinforcement trainer.
  • If you cannot afford training, or would like immediate assistance, we offer free behavioral consultations to all Shiba parents.

If, after training, and/or consulting with the rescue, you have decided that the best thing for your Shiba is to rehome them, PLEASE NOTE, due to insufficient volunteer staffing, COSIR is currently unable to take owner surrenders (with the exception of Shibas adopted from COSIR). We hope to be able to resume intakes of owner surrenders in the future. In the meantime, we can offer the following advice:

  • Contact your breeder or rescue
    • A reputable breeder of merit will always take a dog back, regardless of age or health.  However, if you got your Shiba from a pet store, it was bred in a puppy mill and they will not help you.
    • If you adopted your dog from a rescue organization, contact them first, even if it was in another state. Any reputable rescue will want to take the dog back into rescue to rehome them properly. If the rescue is out of state, they may be able to arrange transport of your dog, if you are unable to drive the dog to them.
    • If you adopted your Shiba from COSIR, we will absolutely take your dog. Please complete the Surrender Profile Form and we will contact you ASAP!

If you would like to try to re-home your Shiba yourself, we recommend the following:

  • Use a pet rehoming website:  You are more likely to find an appropriate/quality home for your Shiba through one of these sites vs. on social media. We do not recommend posting your dog on Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace for sale or for free.
  • Join and post about your dog in one of the private Shiba enthusiast groups on Facebook:  You will find people who understand and appreciate the breed in these groups, which is critical to success.  Be sure to read the rules in each group to ensure posting about your dog is allowed before doing so.  The group names are:
    • Shiba Inu Meetup Colorado
    • Shiba Inu Crazy People of Colorado
    • Shibaholics
    • I own/love a Shiba Inu!

Some re-homing tips:

  • Ask for, and collect an adoption fee:  Even if it’s a minimal amount to eliminate unwanted adopters, or breeders looking for free dogs.
  • Protect your dog from breeders: If your dog is still ‘intact’ (not spayed/neutered), we recommend you do so before rehoming them. Please refer to our list of low-cost spay/neuter clinics, if money is an issue. If you do not have them spayed/neutered before rehoming, DO NOT mention that they are intact in your ad. There are breeders out there looking for intact dogs that they can use for breeding. A reputable breeder would never acquire a dog this way, and anyone who will do this is not interested in giving your dog a good life; they are only interested in making money. Do not trust anyone who says they are looking for a dog that is still intact.
  • Only consider adopters who meet requirements and do a home-visit: You are ideally looking for someone with Shiba experience, especially if your Shiba is immature (under 2 yrs).  Be clear about what you dog requires (i.e. a 6ft fence, no small kids, no other dogs, etc.), and only consider homes that meet those requirements.  If you are rehoming your dog because they are not doing well with your children, and the potential adopter is young single, or young couple, you need to consider how likely it is that they will have kids someday (ie. in your dog’s lifetime). If so, your dog is very likely to be rehomed again when they start a family. Do a home visit with your dog so you can confirm that it is an environment that meets you dog’s requirements, and they feel comfortable in. If your dog is an escape artist, carefully inspect their fence and gate to determine if it is sufficient to keep your dog from escaping.

**If talking to potential adopters who do not have Shiba experience, we recommend you share this link to our website with them., to ensure they understand the challenges of the breed, and increase their chances of success.

If your situation is urgent, we can recommend the following shelters in which to surrender your Shiba Inu.  Keep in mind that Shiba Inus typically do not do well in the shelter environment. They are often deemed unadoptable and subject to being put down, so this should only be a last resort.