Colorado Shiba Inu Rescue (COSIR) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, no-kill organization dedicated to the rescue, training, and rehoming of Shiba Inus and Shiba Inu mixes in Colorado. We do not have a shelter or facility rather, all of our dogs are cared for in loving foster homes. Our directors and fosters are located throughout Denver and Northern Colorado’s front range.

The Shiba Inu is a very unique breed and often misunderstood. For this reason, many Shibas end up in shelters, surrendered by their owners, or abandoned and found stray. COSIR understands and appreciates the uniqueness of this quirky breed and has the expertise to ensure each dog finds the right forever home. COSIR takes in Shibas from animal shelters statewide, as well as from owners looking to surrender their Shiba in order to give them a better life.

Shibas typically do not do well in shelter environments and are often deemed un-adoptable and euthanized. COSIR prioritizes taking in Shibas from local shelters and places them in foster homes. By doing this, we not only relieve the shelter load, so they can help other dogs, but we give a deserving dog a chance at life.

While awaiting adoption, our Shibas are assessed with men, women, children, other dogs, cats, and in various environments. This way we know exactly what to look for when finding the right forever home for each dog. Every dog in rescue receives:

  • General wellness exam
  • Spay or neuter surgery if needed
  • Vaccinations including Rabies and Distemper
  • De-worming
  • Heartworm test
  • Microchip registered in the rescue’s name
  • A professional training course, or private session, for all dogs under seven years of age
  • Dental cleaning or life-saving procedures as needed

Our adoption process requires potential adopters to complete an adoption application, and a home inspection by a COSIR volunteer is required.

“If you want a dog who loves you unconditionally, who never has a bad day, who always has a smile on his face, and lives to please you…get a lab, golden retriever, boxer, etc.

If you want a dog with fire in his heart, spirit in his soul, a twinkle in his eye and a mind that will keep you on your toes…get a Shiba!”

“Owning a Shiba Inu is an adventure in itself.”–Anonymous