Dogs in Foster-to-Adopt homes

These dogs are currently in a Foster-to-Adopt home. This means they will be adopted by their foster after successful completion of trial period, and we are not taking applications specifically for them. If you are currently on our adoption waitlist you are eligible to Foster-to-Adopt. Learn more about our Foster-to-Adopt program.


9 yr old female Shiba *no kids <12 *no cats – Reyna’s family have had…

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UDPATE: FOSTER TO ADOPT HOME FOUND: 3 yr old female Shiba, no apts/condos, no kids…

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IN FOSTER-TO-ADOPT HOME NOW: 4 yr old female Shiba The only family Sakura has ever…

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FOSTER FOUND! FOSTER PLANS TO ADOPT: 8 yr old female Shiba, no kids, no female/larger…

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FOSTER FOUND! Foster plans to adopt after trial period: 12 yr old female Shiba, no…

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*ON MEDICAL HOLD* 4 yr old female Shiba/Chow mix, no dogs, no small children Cindy…

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*MEDICAL HOLD/GETTING REHAB* 2 yr old male Shiba/Klee Kai mix Wiley is super sweet, energetic,…

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Dexter & Felix

*ON HOLD/IN REHAB* Bonded pair of 1 yr old male Shiba Inus – NO KIDS…

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1 yr old disabled female Shiba: Rey is a heartbreaking example of how poor puppy…

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Foster-to-Adopt Program

The majority of our dogs are placed directly into foster-to-adopt vs. a temporary foster home. These homes are pre-screened applicants on our adoption waitlist, or adopters who applied specifically for a dog on our waitlist. They are required to foster for a minimum of 30-60 days before adopting. This process allows us to bring dogs into rescue quickly and efficiently, minimizing the number of transitions for our sensitive Shibas. It also reduces the time qualified applicants are waiting to be paired with the right dog, and keeps our more experienced temporary fosters available to work with dogs that require significant vet care, rehabilitation, or training.

If you would like to be added to our adoption waitlist, please complete our online Adoption Application.