Foster a Shiba

Why Foster?
Colorado Shiba Inu Rescue is always in need of people who are willing to take in dogs and foster them in their homes until the dogs are adopted into their new loving homes.  Foster homes not only help to relieve our load, but it opens up space that allows us to get more dogs out of shelters.  Foster Care also provides more individualized attention and training for each dog, especially those that may have special needs or behavioral problems.

If you would like to apply to become a Foster Parent, please read the description and requirements below, and complete the online Foster Application.

How Fostering Works
When we are contacted about a Shiba Inu that needs to come into rescue, we will line up a foster home typically before they come in. We determine which foster home is most appropriate based on what we know about the existing pets, family members, and any special circumstances. Then the Rescue Directors will be in touch when we have a foster dog coming in that we’d like to place with you!

kichiWhile a foster dog is with you, you will be responsible for keeping the directors informed regarding the dog’s true temperament, training needs, and anyother special needs.  We also may call upon you for feedback and advice when considering potential families. Your cooperation and regular communication will be essential to empowering Shiba Scout Rescue to find the best possible match for each dog that comes into our program and ensuring their long-term success.

Colorado Shiba Inu Rescue will keep foster dogs in our program for as long as it takes to find them the perfect forever home. Some dogs will only stay for a couple weeks, others may stay for months. There is no hard and fast rule, and we ask and hope that our foster families will be patient and understand this part of fostering.Once a match has been determined for your specific foster, we will coordinate with you to get the dog to their forever home. As a foster family, you are more than welcome to come meet the new family so that you can share what you have learned about them to help with the adjustment period.

Should you decide to adopt your foster dog (we highly discourage adopting your first foster), the directors will have to agree they are a good match for your family and you will need to notify us prior to us promising the dog elsewhere. You will have to sign an adoption agreement and you will be asked to provide the adoption fee just like everyone else.

 Requirements for Becoming a Foster Parent

  • Applicants must live in the state of Colorado to be considered.
  • The foster home agrees to crate their foster dog BOTH at night when sleeping and whenever the dog is to be left alone.  No dog is ever to be left loose in the home or in the yard without supervision unless approved by a director.
  • The foster home agrees to feed their foster dog in the crate.
  • The foster home must be willing to accept an untrained foster dog and be willing to start the training of the foster dog.  All training must be positive.
  • The foster home must be willing to follow the feeding directions set forth by Colorado Shiba Inu Rescue.  Colorado Shiba Inu Rescue will provide food that is free of corn, wheat and any animal by-products.
  • The foster home must be willing to adequately exercise and socialize the foster dog.
  • The foster home must be willing to keep the foster dog’s appearance in a presentable condition.
  • The foster home must be willing to transport the foster dog to and from vet appointments as deemed necessary by Colorado Shiba Inu Rescue.
  • The foster home must be willing to make the foster dog available for public viewing as deemed necessary by Colorado Shiba Inu Rescue.
  • The foster home must have some dog experience.
  • If the foster family lives in a rental, written consent from the landlord must be provided.
  • If the foster family has other pets, all pets must be spayed or neutered and current on all vaccinations.
  • The foster family must have Internet access and be willing/able to participate in the COSIR email and internet groups.
  • The foster home must agree to sign a volunteer agreement stating that the foster home is willing to follow the above-mentioned requirements.