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Thank you for choosing adoption first! Please complete the Adoption Application Form below.

Please note: This is a lengthy application. The challenges and requirements of the breed warrant it, and it’s indicative of how committed we are to finding each of our dogs their FOREVER home, not just their next home.  The form allows you to “save and resume” your application if you need more time to finish it.

Once you click Submit, you will receive an on screen confirmation that it has been submitted. A COSIR volunteer will contact you, typically within 7 days.  Your patience is appreciated. We are currently experiencing a high volume of application submissions, and we are a handful of volunteers doing rescue work in our spare time.  If you have any questions about the application, or have not been contacted in a timely manner, please email the Application Manager at

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Contact Information

PLEASE NOTE: Applicants living outside Colorado should read our out-of-state adoption policy before completing this application.
A live phone screening is required for all applicants, but if you don't answer when we call, what's the best way to reach you?

Adoption Preferences

Thanks for choosing adoption first! Please tell us why you want to adopt a Shiba and specifically what you are looking for.
Please choose all that apply
"Special Needs" could include a chronic health condition, a super fearful/mill dog survivor, or special handling related to trauma or behavioral issues
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(i.e. travel plans, moving, home renovations, new housemates, getting married/divorced, having a baby, starting new job, starting grad school, etc.)

Family Information

Please tell us about all the humans, and animals, that currently reside in your home and will be a part of your new Shiba's life.
Please provide name, age & relationship to you
If 'Yes', be sure to list their ages in the previous field.
(i.e. grandchildren, nieces/nephews, friend's kids, your kids' friends)

Animal Background

Please tell us about all of the animals that currently live in your home and will be interacting with your new Shiba.
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Your Environment/Lifestyle

Shibas are extremely sensitive to their environment and it's important to place them within the right environment. Please tell us about your home environment and lifestlye!
Renters must be able to provide evidence of landlord approval for pets.
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Training & Behavior Background

We'd like to know more about any specific behavioral challenges that you have experienced with your current or past dogs, and your experience with and understanding of available training methods:
Experience can be with current or past dogs. Choose all that apply.
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Choose all that apply
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Good food is essential to a Shiba's health. What you feed them matters. How does your dog's food rate? Look it up at and see.

Shiba Inu Knowledge

What you read about Shibas is only half the story, and not necessarily accurate. It is important to place a Shiba in the right environment. They don't like change to begin with, but you add the wrong home to that, and nobody is happy. Considering the lifestyle of the human, and wether the breed is right for them, is just as important. PLEASE READ
Shiba experienced? Please read it anyway. Every Shiba is different, you may not have experienced all the Shibaness yet. 😉 We've been rescuing Shibas for over 10 yrs and they still teach us something new from time to time. :0


Please provide a vet reference (current or past), and any other references that are applicable to you. If you have never had a pet before, please provide a personal reference. Out-of-state references are fine in all categories.
Vet clinic name & phone. If you've never had a vet, enter 'n/a'.
Shelter/Rescue name & phone number.
Groomer name & phone number
Name, phone number, & relationship to you

Additional Questions

You should receive an email regarding the status of your application within 7 days of submitting. If you do not receive an email after 7 days, please send an email to our Placement Director at
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