How you can help

We are a very small rescue, run by a handful of volunteers. We operate on an annual revenues of less than $25K per year. 98% of the funds we raise go directly to veterinary care, training, and rescue supplies. The other 2% are administrative costs like license fees and insurance. We rely on donations, adoption fees, and passive fundraising programs, like Amazon Smile, for our operating funds. We do not receive any federal or state funds or grants.  Click on the links below to explore the different ways you can help us continue to rescue Shibas.


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Walk for a Dog


One of the biggest ways you can help us is by spreading the word. Encourage people to adopt, not shop. Pet overpopulation is a uphill battle and it is something we can’t fight alone.  When you meet people who are interested in a Shiba, tell them they are NOT for everyone, share your challenges, direct them to the Shiba 101 document on our website, and encourage them to talk to COSIR or other Shiba owners before getting one!