5 yr. old male Shiba Inu, no cats, no small children, no apartments/condos, $275 adoption fee

Dusty’s owner got him when he was just a pup.  Unfortunately, about six months ago, he suddenly passed away.  His wife kept Dusty until she had to make a move out of state, and couldn’t take him with her.

Dusty  has a bigger than life personality, is full of energy, and is one heck of a watch dog!  He loves being around his people, and is quite affectionate for a Shiba!  He is friendly with strangers, if they let him approach them and sniff first.  Once he knows you, he’s a little love bug. Dusty is sensitive about being touched on his ears/tail, and gets a bit nippy when excited, so a home without small kids would probably be best.  He did well, however, meeting a pre-teen who knew how to properly behave around dogs.  He has lived both as an only dog, and with other dogs and been fine.  He has shown some food aggression with other dogs since coming into rescue, so will need to be fed separately in his crate and should not live with another rescource guarder. He is not a fan of cats. He is house trained and crate trained. He loves spending time in his crate, and should be crated when his humans are not home, as he would likely get into some mischief if left alone with pillows and other fluffy things to attack!

He has a ton of energy and is quite active and playful, both in the house and the yard during the day. He loves to play tug of war, is athletic, and can leap to the top of a couch or chair at a single bound. He will need a 6 ft. fence to keep him in his yard.  He needs an active family to keep him exercised and stimulated. He would make a great agility competitor!  We think he has had some obedience training, as he’s pretty good at sit, stay, leave it, but in true Shiba fashion not so good at come!  He takes his job as watch dog seriously and will bark at animals, people and, even the wind if it’s strong enough, so he would likely be too vocal for apartment life.

Dusty is in a temp foster home while being assessed. We will begin looking at our waitlist for a potential foster-to-adopt home for him. Otherwise, he will go into a long-term foster home until we find the right forever home.

Dusty’s adoption fee is $275 and includes his neuter, vaccinations, heartworm test, microchip, and initial training class with a rescue approved trainer.