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13 y/o male Shiba, no apts/condos, $50 adoption fee

Yurei is a very quiet, subdued, independent little man who is looking for a loving home to spend the rest of his days.  We don’t know his age, but is estimated to be about 13 years old.  We suspect that Yurei has not had the easiest life, so he does not trust easily, but has learned to trust his foster mom and allows some petting. He is very sweet, but does not seek out attention or affection unless, of course, there are treats involved!  He appears to be mostly deaf and has limited vision, therefore, he startles easily and needs a very calm environment.  His limited vision and hearing also make him fearful of other dogs that he doesn’t know, and will react if they get too close or startle him.  He has learned to love and trust his foster sister and will play with her.  His forever home will need to be able to keep him separated from other dogs and allow Yurei to get to know them slowly to build trust.

Yurei is a pretty mellow guy and loves long naps in a warm spot on the couch, but also loves his yard where he roams around non-stop sniffing and exploring. He loves galloping through the sprinklers to cool off on hot summer days.  He walks well on leash and loves to go out for adventures.  Like so many aging dogs, Yurei has just been diagnosed with very early stage kidney disease, and therefore drinks lots of water, so he needs a home with access to a securely fenced yard for frequent potty breaks. He sometimes has trouble holding it through the night.  His kidney disease is manageable with a proper RX diet and the vet thinks he has a lot of life left in him.  He simply needs a loving home with adopters who will give him the care, comfort, and quality of life he deserves!

Yurei’s adoption fee is $50 and includes his vaccinations, microchip, heartworm test, de-worming and senior exam/blood work.


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