13 y/o male Shiba in hospice care

Yurei is a very quiet, subdued, and independent little man.  He has reached an age where his health is declining and he requires special care.  He is fortunate enough to live with a foster that can devote the time and energy to his care and give him the quality of life that he deserves.  We don’t know his exact age, but is estimated to be about 13 or 14 years old.  We suspect that Yurei has not had the easiest life, so he does not trust easily, but has forged a special bond with his foster mom.  He is very sweet, but does not seek out attention or affection unless, of course, there are treats involved!  He appears to be mostly deaf, has limited vision, and suffers from arthritis. His foster has created a calm environment designed to make getting around safe and easy for him .  His limited vision and hearing also make him fearful of people and dogs that he doesn’t know, but he has learned to love and trust his foster sister (also a Shiba) and enjoys her companionship.

Despite the challenges of an aging dog, Yurei has a happy comfortable life. He loves taking long naps on his spot on the couch and roaming around his yard sniffing and exploring. He loves galloping through the sprinklers to cool off on hot summer days and minding the chickens. We are honored to give Yurei a loving foster home to live out the rest of his days with the dignity and respect that an old dog deserves.


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