Category: Recently Adopted

Nezumi **ADOPTED**

7 yr old female Shiba, no small children, no apts/condos, needs another dog

This precious little girl is Nezumi, but we call her “Zumi”. Nezumi means mouse in Japanese, so we thought it an appropriate name for such a tiny little thing.  … Read the rest

Nara **ADOPTED**

9 yr old female Shiba Inu

Nara is a gorgeous cream Shiba who does not look her age.  She is a very sweet girl who loves to be with her people and will follow them around the house. She would love a home with people that are home a lot.  … Read the rest

Rusty **ADOPTED**

7 yr old male Shiba

Rusty had spent his entire life with one owner.  He’s always been loved, well cared for, and a happy boy. His dad decided that it was in his best interest not to put him through an international move with him.… Read the rest

Layla **ADOPTED**


3 yr old female, Shiba/Cattle dog mix, no acts/condos, no kids

Layla is approximately 3 years old and about 15 lbs. We believe she is a Shiba, possibly mixed with Cattle dog.… Read the rest

Kuma **ADOPTED**

8 month old male Shiba Inu

Kuma was found stray and taken to a high-kill shelter in El Paso, TX. Luckily, the amazing folks at Forever Home Animal Rescue, who pull dogs from kill shelters, contacted COSIR. The shelter suspected he had a broken leg, but our vet confirmed it was just a severe soft tissue injury.… Read the rest

Saka **ADOPTED**

5 yr old female Shiba/Australian Shepherd mix, $275 adoption fee

Saka is an adorable, independent, and curious girl.  She is very friendly and more Aussie than Shiba-like in her need for people’s attention. She has lived successfully with children as young as 2 years old.… Read the rest

Casey **ADOPTED**

11 yr old male Shiba Inu

**The foster plans to adopt Casey. We are not taking applications for him**

Casey has spent 10 or his 11 years in a loving home where he was well cared for. Unfortunately, he has not adapted well to a baby in the home, and after year and a half of trying to make it work, his family made the difficult decision to surrender him.… Read the rest


10 yr old female Shiba, $75 adoption fee

Poor little Lexi is in rescue looking for a forever home once again. COSIR adopted her to a wonderful young woman 4 years ago who sadly, passed away after a battle with cancer recently.… Read the rest

Leon **ADOPTED**

6 yr old male Shiba

**FOSTER PLANS TO ADOPT HIM** Not taking applications for Leon**

Leon is a handsome boy and quite the charmer. Although his family loved him dearly, his habitual bolting and escaping forced them to surrender him to rescue, as they could not keep him safe.… Read the rest

Cael (renamed Koji) **ADOPTED**

7 yr old male Shiba

**The foster will adopt Cael after a trail period. We are NOT taking applications specifically for Cael**

Cael is a handsome, smart, curious, and stoic boy. He’s a typical Shiba and takes a little time to warm up to new people.… Read the rest